IHS Engineering Workbench Infers Precise Content Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ENGLEWOOD, CO: It’s a massive world; one cannot have the whole knowledge, so IHS discovers IHS Engineering Workbench. It is a knowledge hub for the technical enterprises that engage with scientific information, strong content analytics and problem solving team through a single in-built interface. It helps in advancing decisions which results in better project output; it is a time saver. Engineers and technical professionals can now quicken research and problem-solving, raise their company’s revenue, profitability and reduce risks.

Companies will be able to leverage their significant investments in third-party reference data, enterprise research and content management systems in this subsequent release. In its initial release, IHS Engineering Workbench 1.0 provided a single point of access to incessant internal knowledge and other reference content. Adopters of initial version have reported that they are able to deliver 30 percent increases in engineering productivity. Applying next-generation search technology and content analytics to this federated information, Engineering Workbench allows knowledge workers to quickly find precise answers among the disparate data.

"Today’s engineers, scientists and other technical professionals are under intense pressure to drive growth through innovation, while managing costs and reducing risk," said Chad Hawkinson, Senior Vice President, Product Design, IHS.

Considering the needs of engineers and technical professionals, Engineering Workbench undergoes consecutive iterations incorporating additional analytical and problem-solving capabilities.

The final phase of the Workbench is expected to include exceptional search and analytical functionalities related to enterprise internal knowledge and other corporate information. In this context, John Buchowski, Vice President, Commercial Product Management, IHS remarked, "IHS Engineering Workbench enables these professionals to meet their organizational objectives, and provides a cost-effective solution for consolidating information sources and increasing use of internal and external knowledge."