Implico's OpenTAS Certified for Using EMCS 2.2

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Implico has announced that its terminal management software OpenTAS is now certified for using EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) Release 2.2. This equips Implico with a fully integrated customs clearance tool to automate the shipping processes of tank terminals and refineries. From July this year, the registration and processing will be open via EMCS 2.2.

In order to employ the new release of EMCS, Implico’s downstream experts have successfully adapted OpenTAS for their latest requirements. The company has already initiated the migration of its customers to the new system so that they remain outfitted for EMCS 2.2, when it comes into effect and EMCS 2.1 can no longer be used.

OpenTAS, an integrated administration and dispatch system for the oil, gas and chemicals industry, automates the logistic and administrative processes like terminal management, transportation, distribution and service station replenishment, in tank farms and refineries. It ensures a rapid, transparent and cost effective process by simplifying the IT landscape. Moreover, the TAS system is seamlessly integrated into SAP thereby allowing the transmission of real time data from the tank to the final delivery point.

Furthermore, electronic customs clearance is automated through OpenTAS. When the driver presents his card at the entrance of a storage tank, the estimated shipping information is transmitted to customs for approval. The driver is then allowed to fill the tanker following the approval from the customs are received in principle, for the transportation. Similarly, at the exit OpenTAS transfers the exact amount of quantity back to the customs, after all transport documents for the driver are automatically printed. The complete integration of the EMCS functionality in OpenTAS shortens the loading processes in the terminal tremendously, ensuring smooth loading, minimizing the traffic on the system and saves employees a lot of effort.