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Improved Email Marketing through Elimination of Data Silos

By CIOReview | Monday, February 1, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Today, consumers expect personalized, relevant, and immediate messaging and a consistent experience, no matter where or how they’re interacting with products. Most organizations are aware of these expectations, but they still possess the customer data in pieces stored by various vendors and departments. This makes it challenging for these firms to get a complete overview of their customers and market them effectively. To create a seamless experience, marketers need access to the freshest data from every touch point.

According to an upcoming report from MessageGears (using data collected by The Relevancy Group), marketers reported that having access to customer data is the key to success in the digital world. Leveraging all of their marketing data was found to be their primary hardship when building and executing campaigns. The survey also shows that most marketers have none or only some of their data in a centralized location.

Marketers need to utilize demographic data, customer satisfaction metrics, lifetime value, purchase behavior, clickstream analysis, and more to drive consumer engagement. To overcome the encountered hindrances the marketers need a plan to consolidate and centralize the data, find technology that can access data directly and stop outsourcing things which are not required.

If your current technology can’t access your data directly, find a technology that does. One of the major limitations of many vendors (especially SaaS/hosted providers) is that they require you to send pieces of customer data to be stored in their systems. That gets in the way of providing a global view and doesn’t give you the complete picture. You can’t send all of your data to a vendor as it would be too large of an undertaking. Instead of sending bits and pieces of customer information to various solutions for use, find a technology that plugs directly into your central database.

Consumer expectations have always been evolving due to the emergence of sophisticated technological assistance. Marketers need to adapt to technologies that can centralize their customer data. With the possession of complete consumer data, marketers can render a personalized and relevant experience that can increase revenue and loyalty.