InDemand Interpreting Expands VRI Technology across Healthcare Sector
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InDemand Interpreting Expands VRI Technology across Healthcare Sector

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SEATTLE, WA: Waiting for on-site staff interpreters or scheduling appointment is always a tedious task across the healthcare continuum. Responding to this existing challenge, InDemand Interpreting, a provider of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), introduces an expanded suite of VRI Devices to support the entire healthcare sector.

InDemand provides instant access to high-quality VRI for Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Deaf patients at just a touch of a button. Users can simply connect via WiFi, mobile broadband, or LAN for high-definition, fast and secure access to medically trained and experienced interpreters.

"Our expanded, medical grade VRI solution, coupled with our industry-leading VRI application, best-in-class, certified and medically trained  interpreters, support our clients' language access programs to increase efficiency, deliver a quality patient and provider experience while improving clinical outcomes" says Cecil Kost, Chairman and CEO, InDemand Interpreting.

Clinicians can access the technology from laptops, touchscreens, tablets and iPads. It provides portability option for accessories from desktop mounts to medical grade carts and iPad cases. The platform allows users to select language from the list of 200 plus languages. In addition, it also allows patients in preferring male/female professional, and within seconds the system reverts online with a qualified medical interpreter in assistance.

The latest product suites includes large touch screen carts enabling deaf patients to clearly view ASL interpreters at a comfortable distance, tablet devices on rolling carts for convenient access to VRI in tight spaces, and handheld devices to support VRI on the go. This audio compatible device ensures quality communication for patient and providers even in harsh noisy surroundings.

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