Industries at the Edge of Wearable Technology!
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Industries at the Edge of Wearable Technology!

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Wearable technology is rapidly covering the global market to deliver seamless services across various industries. 

FREMONT, CA: With emerging technology advances, the connected wearable ecosystem has significantly found its place in the global market. Wearables have become an essential part of our daily life, delivering services according to our convenience. Not limiting itself to providing simple benefits, the connected wearable technology customizes the industrial offerings as well.

• Healthcare

Fascinatingly wearables offer robust solutions to save time and resources of healthcare industries. The explosion of IoT brings many medical care devices, which helps to connect with the patients instantly. The real-time data transactions help the doctors to keep a close track of the condition and often suggest the necessary majors.

• Customer Data Collections

Wearable technologies open opportunities for the service industries to study their customer requirements intensively. Intelligent gadgets like smartwatches help to collect essential information such as locations and buying habits. The customer location allows the online portal to suggest services accordingly, whereas the buying habits can improvise the range and type of product display on the customer’s screen and more. Data collection can enhance the user experience and make it more appealing.

• Transportation

Wearables, combining with the GPS-technology, can detect the real-time location and navigate towards the destination. There are numerous devices available in the market to improve our transports by checking driver performance, alerting the vehicle safety and security, personal health for traveling, and more. Particularly, smart sunglasses have a massive impact on transportation, offering a tiny computer and voice command to build connectivity.

The wearable technology ultimately depends on the type of product and service type. Some of the leading wearable products accelerating in the global market are smart-eyewear, neckwear, wearable cameras, clothing, etc. The technology is in the development phase and still has a long way to go in the digital market. As technology grows, it becomes more affordable and secure for customers to gain advantages and embrace the changes for a better living.  

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