IneoQuest's FoQus: To Understand User Engagement Better

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Joel Daly, VP Product Management, IneoQuest

Joel Daly, VP Product Management, IneoQuest

FREMONT, CA: IneoQuest Technologies, a video quality and audience behavioral intelligence solution provider, recently launched a portfolio of complementary video quality assurance solutions FoQus. The suite enables video providers to gain the critical visibility into playback quality and viewer’s behavior to effectively operate their Over-The-Top (OTT) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) video businesses. "FoQus was created to address the industry need for solutions that proactively focus on quality and performance," said Joel Daly, VP Product Management, IneoQuest, reports PRNewswire.

The platform is designed to provide video service assurance by offering valuable insights that helps to increase audience engagement. The advanced analytics within the FoQus platform ensure the delivery of a more reliable, consistent, enjoyable viewing experience to consumers. It enables consistent and reliable delivery of streaming video by providing intelligence and visibility across the entire video distribution value chain. The FoQus platform offer solutions to serve a variety of different markets, including content owners, OTT event producers, network operators, service providers, and enterprises who are embracing video to propel their businesses. The products are also available in multiple formats, appliance and virtualized software packages for different environments like NFV/SDN and cloud-based.

Three family of acquisition products are offered at different points in the video distribution chain namely Inspector, Surveyor and Spectator. The FoQus platform's modular iQ Engines collect, correlate, and process this data to provide the comprehensive views that video providers require to manage their business. "Our customers are in constant need of actionable intelligence that can help them make effective decisions across various aspects of their video businesses, from issue identification, diagnosis and cost reduction to driving greater viewer engagement," said Daly. "With FoQus, are creating modular software-based products that can be combined immediately or incrementally over time into a comprehensive end-to-end solution that helps video providers gain this intelligence, when and wherever they need it."