Infor's Unmatched PLM Reinforcement Attracts Process Manufacturing Industry

By CIOReview | Friday, January 22, 2016

NEW YORK, NY: The ability to deliver innovative and impactful products is a key factor for competitive success and leverages smarter investments in the all-important product development arena. The core business process, known as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) extends from idea generation through product market launch to product retirement. Infor, a software company brings in upgrades to its PLM software Optiva in its version 12.0 to put forward a more efficient cloud-based solution. 

The piquant new version offers over 60 major enhancements that build upon Infor product development strategies together with a better user-friendliness. Advanced Project Management capabilities including a Gantt chart feature, regulatory features together with ingredient statement bolding for allergens, usability features, improved grids, and new formulation features added with the quick calc capability to help with rapid formulation are a few of them. These new features bundled with a more progressive project management functionality assists Infor in the delivery of comprehensive PLM solution to process manufacturers. Infor Optiva 12.0 concentrates on complex, frequently-used functions and workflows, besides integrating the Infor copacetic user experience.

Infor has designed Optiva to help provide outstanding PLM software with stronger formula management and an easy-to-use ‘Workflow Wizard’ that simplifies business processes and data gathering. The conglomeration of three product lines of Infor: Optiva, Mingle and ION guarantee a more optimal solution for the process manufacturing industry.

Currently Optiva is available as single-tenant hosted offering or as cloud-based deployment through the Infor Food & Beverage Suite utilizing Infor M3, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The solution includes an enriched HTML5 web client to ameliorate search performance. The recently implemented Wizard feature allows users to launch and complete workflow tasks, create formulas, items, projects and product specifications and simplify the essential data gathering processes. Optiva also features a customizable homepage that has been redesigned to improve usability for mobile applications and accommodate the ‘Workflow Wizard’ feature.

"Process manufacturers are always seeking a competitive edge that makes them more efficient and the product lifecycle stage can assist in providing this advantage by helping products get to market faster and more cost-efficiently. Infor Optiva 12.0 is designed to help streamline processes through better collaboration, access and management tools," says Chris Krechting, Vice President, Product Lifecycle Management, Infor.