Innovative Supply Chain Risk Management Platform Creates Efficient Corporate Connectivity
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Innovative Supply Chain Risk Management Platform Creates Efficient Corporate Connectivity

By CIOReview | Friday, January 15, 2021
John Herr, CEO

John Herr, CEO

By empowering the corporate sustainability practice, the new platform for supply chain operations serves the customers across the globe.   

FREMONT, CA: Avetta, a supply chain risk management provider, launches a new technology platform, Connect. Connect powers the suppliers, contractors and vendors with corporate sustainability practices. Avetta provides connectivity solutions to the world’s leading organizations across the several industries including oil/gas, telecom, facilities management, vendors and others.

The offered supply chain risk management solutions ensure safe and sustainable requirements fulfillment of the prequalifying contractor and suppliers. The solution combines the advanced technology and expert service to support the administration and smooth implementation of best practices. Connect allows the clients to configure requirements, create and customize dashboards, modify processes and access precise reports to reduce the administrative costs. It also improves the complications and enhances the sustainability of supply chain operations. The highly interactive feature helps users with leading and lagging indicators to improve supplier performance and compliance.

Avetta’s safety, sustainability, and insurance specialists handle the entire supplier vetting process and use the company’s SaaS platform to report all the analysis. John Herr, CEO of the company, mentions, “the value we provide for our customers comes from the blend of our in-house expertise and our award-winning technology.” Its cloud-based supply chain risk management platform serves a dual purpose to transform the organization to assess and mitigate risks, bringing a large scale global suppliers and contractors in a single platform. Herr explains, “Enterprises are always at risk for losses that may arise due to factors such as cost volatility, supply disruption, non-compliance fines, or safety incidents. Hence, knowing what’s at stake is critical.”

Avetta ranks among the 20 Most Promising Enterprise Risk Management Solution Providers, CIOReview. It focuses on accelerating its growth by upgrading its offered platform to deliver more products and services. Herr quotes, “we are growing at an astounding rate of 30 per cent per year, and a lot of it is attributed to the global appeal of our solutions portfolio.” Expanding its geographical footprint globally, Avetta becomes the leading innovator in sustainable supply chain risk management.

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