In-Store Advertising Now Easy with Umix Media's New App

By CIOReview | Friday, April 10, 2015

ALLENTOWN, PA: UMix Media, a web-based supplier of music, messages and digital signage has come up with an app for businesses that include retailers, restaurants, and hotels. Applicable to Apple and android devices, this app serves these businesses with its web based music and digital signage.

In retail businesses, this app enables easy web upload of MP3’ and expands itself by making the process faster and easier. The app helps them in recording a promotional message which then gets automatically loaded into the subscribers’ accounts. The subscriber now has the chance to play the message at a scheduled time which is pre-set. The message is played for a particular period of time there by reducing stress on the retailers.

"In-store audio advertising increases sales of those items, and the app makes it even easier and faster for our customers to capitalize on that opportunity. UMix delivers value through customer control, speed, quality and reliability - at a terrific price, and the app fortifies that value," says Franklin Tarantino, Managing Member, UMix Media.