Intel's 6th Gen M7 Chip fortified DAQRI to Break New Ground in Augmented Realty

By CIOReview | Friday, January 8, 2016

DAQRI recently unveiled Smart Helmet, a hardhat powered by Intel's M7 chip and 4D RealSense media to offer a form of augmented reality. The glasses-cum-hardhat was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas and has been co-developed with Intel’s latest processor and camera technology. Earlier, Microsoft generated a lot of attention for its focus on AR (Augmented Reality) with its HoloLens, but only seen limited demos.

Pushing the barriers of industrial safety DAQRI’s Smart Helmet includes two retractable displays that sit in front of the user's eyes, much like Google Glass and other AR headsets. When not needed, displays slide up. The smart helmet allows its wearer experience x-ray-like vision using 360-degree array for sensors to track the movement of the user and can deliver high definition video. Users can peer into objects in real time, like pipes or machinery providing diagrams and maps to help to identify potential problem areas quicker and easier. Screens visibility in both bright and dim lighting situations will be an added advantage if this is to be used on job sites.

Spent years in trying to move beyond just making the chip, Intel, with DAQRI brings it into the much-hyped market and bridges the gap between existing and new solutions with the addition of its latest processor and RealSense technology. Together, they are enhancing human abilities in industry by seamlessly connecting the human being to the work environment.

The new AR device was tested by several Fortune 100 companies in different tech industries such as oil, construction and even aerospace. Intel claims that it is the "most powerful AR wearable device" available in the market. “A key goal is to give workers visual instructions or cues to carry out tasks and alert them to hazards”, says Brian Mullins, the company’s founder and CEO.

We believe the device would also help push AR developers and device manufacturers to keep up with the competition.