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IntelliMagic Provides Support for Hitachi's Mainframe Analytics Recorder

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SOUTHLAKE, TX: IntelliMagic Vision extends support for the new solution, Mainframe Analytics Recorder, which automatically monitors Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000 designed for z/OS environments.

IntelliMagic offers Availability Intelligence solutions to create visibility into hidden risks within critical IT infrastructure resources such as enterprise storage, z/OS and SAN infrastructure.

“In the 10+ years I have been with IntelliMagic I have yet to meet a single mainframe site that (prior to using IntelliMagic) automatically monitors for threats to availability due to storage component overload. IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Disk combined with Hitachi’s Mainframe Analytics Recorder will dramatically reduce the risk of disruptions due to saturated components inside the storage array,” says Brent Phillips, Managing Director, IntelliMagic.

The recorder reports to SMF on new performance information and insight about the internals and inner working of the HDS G1000 array. Hitachi’s Recorder helps to mitigate risk of virtualization in storage system processor and I/O hardware as well as managing these storage systems at risk. IntelliMagic Vision also has the ability to automatically identify instances when the risk of handling peak workloads approaches unacceptable levels.

“Besides avoiding disruptions, the resulting intelligence about the storage infrastructure availability during peak periods also dramatically accelerates the time needed to diagnose and fix the kind of problems that are not predictable such as faulty fibre connections or other hardware or microcode failures, untested application changes, unpredictable workload spikes, ” explains Phillips.