IntelliVision Ports its Enhanced Video Technology into Ambarella's 4K HEVC IP Camera Solutions

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 7, 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV: Recently, software video analytics solutions provider IntelliVision ported its upgraded video analytics technology to Ambarella’s 4K AVC and HEVCIP camera SoCs. IP cameras of HEVC are capable of streaming video at lower bitrates when compared to current cameras to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements for 4K video. Ambarella’s S2L and S3L 4K HEVC/AVC IP camera SoCs supports IntelliVision’s video analytics.

IntelliVision extends video analytics solutions for Smart Home/IoT, Security, Smart Retail, Smart Business, big data analytics and video search. It identifies out both the time and the location of real time events by automatically analyzing videos. Already deployed in various markets and is being leveraged to detect motion, tamper detection, people counting, face recognition, and license plate recognition. Additionally, IntelliVision offers custom designed analytics for stores such as heat map and video tracking, and automotive Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) like forward collision detection and lane departure warning systems.

“IntelliVision has understood and delivered on the promise of video analytics in the market for many years. Now, with such feature-rich camera SoCs, Ambarella enables us to take our technology to the very edge of both fixed and mobile networks,” said David Jones, VP of Marketing at IntelliVision. “We see a significant opportunity to expand IntelliVision’s footprint and capabilities in the growing IP security and surveillance markets as well as in emerging markets, such as drones.”

The partnership of IntelliVision’s video analytics software and Ambrella’s S2L and S3L SoCs gives way to a effective solution for market. Statistics predict IP camera market, connected cameras that are able to stream at lower bandwidths with higher resolution and greater accuracy with video analytics to lead the markets. The partnership of IntelliVision’s video analytics software and Ambrella’s S2L and S3L SoCs is also expected to emerge as an effective solution in market.