InterDigital's Innovation Partners and igolgi Sign an Accord to Create Engaging Content Experience

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WILMINGTON, DE: Driving with a vision to develop high value innovation across the mobile and wireless ecosystem, Innovation Partners unit of InterDigital- a designer of wireless technologies for mobile devices and networks is partnering igolgi which builds flexible video compression solutions.

InterDigital’s advanced solutions enhance mobile communications and digital cellular products, including 2G, 3G, 4G and IEEE 802-related networks. It tailors technologies for more efficient broadband networks and a richer multimedia experience.

Backed by InterDigital, Innovation Partners architects substantial partnership with organizations who share mutual goals and complementary capabilities. Partners can take advantage of side by side with others on large and complex R&D projects, gaining deep expertise in creating, managing and monetizing wireless networks and independent inventor programs.

Now by entering into an agreement with igolgi, InterDigital’s Innovation Partners aims to generate immersive content experiences wrapping the complete media workflow from content creation to wireless transport and application playback.

“Content consumption paradigms are getting redefined by the Internet and increasing bandwidth and capabilities on mobile devices. Working with the InterDigital ecosystem of Innovation Partners, we plan to create a new generation of interactive and engaging content consumption experiences," says Dr. Ramaswamy, President at igolgi.

igolgi provides software-driven configurable video compression encoders and transcoders that can run on numerous multi-processor and hybrid CPU platforms, fulfilling the exploding need of efficient video distribution systems.  Its solutions are majorly based on three technologies: multi-core CPU encoding algorithms, software product platform and sound product engineering.