Interra Systems' Updated Baton to Offer More Robust and Seamless Quality Check

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2015
CUPERTINO, CA: Interra Systems, a provider of software products and solutions to the digital media industry, announces release of the latest version, Baton 6.2 that comes with enhanced Audio and Video checks, workflow QC capabilities and Data Analysis.

The latest release enables Interra to offer more robust and seamless QC, by including enhanced usability through smart folders and test plan management. Baton Content Corrector and Baton Media Player will also receive updates and powerful new features.

With new features such as additional subtitling and closed caption format support, the new version comes with enhanced 4K and HEVC support, better visual checking, multi-language support for QC reports, cloud storage, and multi-severity quality checks. Baton 6.x offers an expanded Baton integration support with third-party technology partners and extended new smart folder functionality.

Some of the key features of Baton 6.2 are:

New Formats: Sony RAW F55 and F65 Codec, DNxHR, Fragmented MP4 chunks in MPEG-Dash

New Video Quality Checks: Analog Noise, Vertical Lines, Blank (Color) Frames, Duplicate Frames

New Audio Quality Check: Audio Language Detection

New Verification Checks: Conformance checks for Apple ProRes video, New checks for MXF, New checks for DNxHD, Enhanced IMF compliance checks

Usability Enhancements: Enhancements in Smart Folders, Test Plan Management, Verification Reports, Task Search options, Database Management

Enterprise Scalability & Performance: Additional SOAP APIs, Performance Enhancement in QC of Apple ProRes video

Baton Content Corrector: RGB Color Gamut correction

Baton Media Player: Fast/Slow Audio Playback

Interra Systems' Baton+ offering extends the value proposition embodied in Baton. Designed to work across multiple Baton installations, Baton+ provides functionalities like: Workflow QC, Data Analytics, and Centralized Management Console. Baton+ leverages workflow definitions to ensure consistency of QC results across the content life cycle, while offering extensive QC trend analysis across multiple Baton installations to improve workflow efficiency. Moreover, it acts as a centralized console for synchronizing asset details from different Baton servers.