Intradiem Augments Intraday Automation Platform in Alliance with OpenSpan

By CIOReview | Friday, August 14, 2015

ATLANTA, GA: OpenSpan, provider of automation technologies gets into strategic alliance with Intradiem, provider of Intraday Automation solutions including Contact Center, Back Office and Retail. OpenSpan supports transformation initiatives focused on driving revenue growth, customer lifetime value and operational efficiency. With this partnership the company not only expands its partnership reach but also enables Intradiem to leverage agent- and employee-level data to help organizations create enterprise-wide, real-time frontline workforces that span the contact center and back office.

“By taking advantage of OpenSpan’s unique desktop automation technology, Intradiem can initiate desktop automations based on specific actions that take place on the desktop,” comments John Wolf, CTO, Intradiem.

By blending OpenSpan’s desktop automation technology withIntradiem’s existing Intraday Automation solutions, the platform will stir up events based on conditional desktop activities. This will accelerate the capability of enterprises to make adjustments to their workforce as business conditions change while preserving their customer experience goals.

Intradiem claims that through this partnership, the Intraday Automation clients will use automations to make real-time intraday adjustments to their frontline workforces, adding efficiencies while maintaining exceptional customer experience levels.

“Using OpenSpan technology, Intradiem is deepening the capabilities of its Intraday Automations solutions, and the alliance between OpenSpan and Intradiem brings a wealth of value to organizations that seek to decrease costs while delivering world-class customer experience,” states Rick Marquardt, executive vice president of business development and international alliances,OpenSpan.