IoT: A Treasure Box for Structural Health Monitoring
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IoT: A Treasure Box for Structural Health Monitoring

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The use of IoT technology in Structural Health Monitoring allows healthcare professionals to monitor and assess patients’ condition at the earliest from the gathered information.

FREMONT, CA: Ever wondered why the internet of things (IoT) is becoming the buzzword across every industrial platform? Why are so many sensitive industrial divisions opting for this digitally enhanced IoT technology? Because the adoption of IoT technology provides industry experts with an extended technical advantage in an efficient manner which not only creates a cost-effective ecosystem for the industries but also elevates the status of enterprise in the competitive market. Healthcare industry is espousing IoT technology and is continuously working with IoT-driven remote monitoring devices to improve patients’ safety and customer experience.  

At the basic level, IoT concept seeks to improve situational awareness by exploring data generated from operational points. The healthcare providers have started utilizing IoT devices for structural health monitoring (SHM) to monitor and assess the structural health of patients from the gathered information at the earliest. With the integration of IoT in SHM practices, correct calculations of variables like stress, strain, and other physical phenomena to respond and predict upcoming accidents can be achieved.

Continuous Structural Monitoring

Typically, SHM platforms are committed to monitoring temperature, pressure, tensile stress, and acceleration; and with the deployment of IoT sensors will provide the professionals with well-defined data sets and checkpoints. The proliferation of IoT sensors through SHM has evolved from a topic of discussions to business roles and research. Inclusion of IoT permits the SHM operators to analyze gathered data for eliminating the detecting difficulties of deteriorating internal structures. Monitoring and diagnosis are complimentary for obtaining an efficient healthcare platform. A centralized structure is essential to manage multiple assets, and having a critical overview of information can enable optimal operations and maintenance—what better way to increasing modernization of support than to establish physical structures online with digital twinning. Comprehensive data generated from 3D augmented environments helps in quality control and quality maintenance.

Cost-effective Measurements

High capital investment for SHM platform and regulation to strengthen environmental protocols decreases the cost of IoT sensors adoption in the healthcare industry. IoT applications exceed far beyond visualization in SHM by extracting information through artificial intelligence, compelling the monitoring and security industry to undertake IoT technology. In years to come, the adoption of IoT technology will be inevitable and serve as a treasure box of critical information to guide the next-generation SHM platforms.

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