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IT Solutions Leaders Coming Up with Comprehensive ERM Strategy to Aid Business Performance and Growth Prospects

By CIOReview | Friday, June 21, 2019
Chris Williamson, National Practice Executive, CIO Advisory Services

Chris Williamson, National Practice Executive, CIO Advisory Services

While enterprises look for extensive and result-driven ERM solutions, technological evolution stands as an opportunity.     

FREMONT, CA: A majority number of organizations today are challenged with the perennial problem of threats besetting the business landscape. Catering to the need for adequate expertise in risk management or security, Mainline Information Systems holds a mission to deliver easy access to superior Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions, and IT products to businesses across the globe.  

Mainline’s expertise in ERM encloses assessing and mitigating threats across infrastructure, data, and operations. Mainline team’s mastery to synthesis data protection, data security, governance and risk management, and process delivery makes it a favored partner for security and ERM.

“Our team has had great success partnering with our clients to identify the key risk factors and security issues, implementing a framework for quickly bridging gaps, improving the ease of risk management, expanding security and risk coverage,” says Chris Williamson, National Practice Executive, CIO Advisory Service at Mainline Information Systems.

Mainline Information Systems is listed in 20 Most Promising Enterprise Risk Management Solution Providers by CIO Review. Going forward in the path of success, Mainline’s team has rich and extensive skill sets and aspires to continue to invest in mastering and delivering solutions that bring security, visibility, and operational agility to its clients. The company intends to help its clients derive maximum value from solutions while empowering them to gain control of their assets, improve governance, and optimize processes and efficiencies. “Over the course of Mainline’s thirty-year history, a lot has changed in the business technology landscape, but our diligence in helping customers solve their most pressing IT initiatives remains the same,” concludes Williamson.

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