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Ixia and Dynatrace Collaborates to Deliver Enterprise Application Performance Assurance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CALABASAS, CA: The Calabasas, CA-based firm, Ixia (NASDAQ: XXIA), has announced its partnership with Dynatrace—the innovator behind industry's premier Digital Performance Platform, to deliver enterprise application performance assurance. This smart approach is fuelled by deep and wide visibility that allows the users to recognize notable application problems before accounting for the customers’ user experience.  

As the intricacy of enterprise systems grows high, the need for monitoring and analyzing such systems also expands. To this need, a number of companies have built advanced monitoring tools that go far beyond simple resource utilization reports. Going by this trend and adding value to the partnership, Dynatrace offers end-user and transaction-centric performance monitoring for dynamic data centers through their flagship product Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM). The product has totally rebuilt new user interface, enhanced workflows and upgraded analytical capabilities to provide the infrastructure and operations teams with new levels of efficiency.

In addition, the product accelerates the transition of organizations to more service-oriented IT operations by providing visibility into software-defined networks. DC RUM has the in-built functionality to automatically recognize users and transactions across the application delivery chain, web servers, custom and packaged applications and many more as business applications and networks are entwined.

“End-to-end network visibility is critical for the DC RUM solution to monitor and ensure a quality user experience,” said Scott Westlake, Vice President of Business Development at Ixia.  “Exploding data volumes and increasing speeds are making it difficult for IT administrators to monitor application performance.  Ixia’s Vision ONE solves the challenge of monitoring large volumes of traffic by providing DC RUM both packet and flow data.”

Furthermore, the Waltham, MA-based firm, Dynatrace integrates with Ixia’s unique NetFlow data feed—IxFlow—for a wide view of the network. The IxFlow app provides DC RUM content and context rich flow data, for the IT managers and teams to visualize and analyze user, device and application behaviors. DC RUM enables IT teams to prioritize and rectify the problems faced by the organizations by examining performance metrics in the context of the user’s experience and help them save time and their productive resources.

“Dynatrace customers rely on our solutions to deliver powerful insights and analytics,” said Steve Tack, Senior Vice President at Dynatrace. “Many of our customers rely on Ixia technology to provide deep dive packet level visibility into business critical applications like SAP, Citrix and Oracle, as well as wide flow visibility to help facilitate performance analysis and troubleshooting. Our integration with Ixia’s IxFlow provides our mutual customers scalable end to end visibility.”