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Ixia Launches Hawkeye Active Network Assessment and Monitoring Platform

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

CALABASAS, CA: Ixia, a provider of network testing and security solution, introduces a new platform Hawkeye— Active Network Assessment and Monitoring to generate and analyze the synthetic network and application traffic to access the data.

Ixia’s Hawkeye enables enterprises to maintain a high quality user experience and continually evaluates network performance and service status. Hawkeye can identify issues, quantify it, and ultimately verify if the issue has been resolved – delivering the highest possible overall service quality. Additionally, when it not possible to capture a data from any application and secure it, on that situation Hawkeye provides a monitoring application by enhancing the performance of critical applications at regular intervals.

Hawkeye help customers by providing them a control network and service performance with cost effective service point, and also provides a new services with pre-launch assessments for business application—VOIP, UC . Further, Hawkeye detect problems and locate network for quality of experience. With its monitoring and network assessment features Hawkeye delivers a multi-user access, test scheduling, visual SLA pass/fail, real-time metrics, years of storage, and trending.

Hawkeye also features a library application tests that allow users to access their network throughput, class of service, unified communications, and streaming video. Moreover, this platform also helps users to create a day to day task within time and manage all the complex networks across offices, campus networks, and virtual data centers.

“Ixia understands that a network infrastructure exists for one reason to deliver the services and applications that matter without interruption. But high-quality application performance requires real-time awareness of what’s happening on the network,” said Sunil Kalidindi, Vice President, NTS Product Management, Ixia. He further adds, “We will continue to drive the development of solutions that deliver that much needed network visibility—from product to portfolio, including design, management, and support.”