Java and JavaScript gets a new lease of life with Oracle's Latest Cloud Platform Services

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 5, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Oracle launched new cloud offerings that extend its developer-focused product line with new services, toolkits and updated frameworks for JavaScript and Java developers. With its introduction, not only Java and JavaScript based developers but also business users are being provided with added option and flexibility for accelerating application development.

In computing, a Polyglot is a computer program or script written in a valid form of multiple programming languages which performs the same operations or output independent of the programming language used to compile or interpret it. To address the need for same, Oracle offers a comprehensive set of services, toolkits and development frameworks that enable organizations to apply developers' skills across these technological platforms and to deliver nearly any type of application, including enterprise apps, lightweight container apps, web apps, and mobile apps.

A brief look at the applications:

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Services for Developers: It include Oracle Application Container Cloud which is a new Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS) offering and it leverages Docker containers. This includes Java SE Cloud Service and Node Cloud Service. Another PaaS development solution, Oracle

Developer Cloud Service, has been extended to support consistent DevOps functionality for the new services and includes support for JavaScript, in addition to the extensive support currently offered for Java and Java Enterprise Edition developers. 

Frameworks for Java and JavaScript Developers: This includes the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit that provides a client-side JavaScript set of libraries that can be used together, or in a modular fashion, to complement current JavaScript technology stack. Other feature incorporates Oracle Application Development Framework and Oracle Mobile Application Framework, the former aiming to simplify development of Java-based web applications and the latter striving to make development of on-device mobile applications across mobile operating systems easier

PaaS Services for business users: The final application makes the entire application development process more easily accessible for business users. This includes Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service (an easy, browser-based development environment for business users to create and publish their own Web applications) and Oracle Mobile application Accelerator with which business analysts can create device-resident mobile applications through an intuitive browser-based development experience.