Ketch Joins Hands with Snowflake to Provide Enhanced Customer Data Security
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Ketch Joins Hands with Snowflake to Provide Enhanced Customer Data Security

By CIOReview | Monday, December 13, 2021

Snowflake and Ketch's integration will enable joint customers to design and proactively enforce important governance principles that preserve and secure personal data privacy.

Fremont, CA: A data security policy is implemented by a company only to ensure data privacy or the privacy of their customers' information. Companies must safeguard data privacy even more so because the information is a valuable asset to them. Any organization that wishes to keep its data safe from threats needs to have a data security policy. Ketch, the next-generation data control platform for privacy, governance, and security, has formed a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, as a Snowflake Accelerated Governance Partner. The collaboration and product integrations let mutual clients accomplish more with their data, while the recognition highlights Ketch's data governance innovations and unique approach to programmatic privacy.

“We are thrilled to partner with Snowflake to provide programmatic privacy policy enforcement on sensitive data in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Data analysts and data scientists have the tools they need to fully mask customer data in order to query it for critical insights, trends and other use cases, without violating customer privacy, or running afoul of the privacy regulations,” explained Yacov Salomon, Ketch Co-Founder and CIO. “This integration allows businesses to adopt data-driven policies, while respecting citizens demands for data dignity.”

Companies must comply with stringent privacy requirements governing the storage and use of sensitive and personal data, including new categories of sensitive data specified by laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and the California Public Records Act. Snowflake and Ketch's integration enables collaborative customers to create and proactively implement governance policies that protect and secure personal data privacy. Data scientists can mobilize data for various analytics and AI activities while remaining certain that they are in full compliance with legislation and internal corporate policy if effective data governance principles are aggressively implemented.