Key Features of a Document Management System
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Key Features of a Document Management System

By CIOReview | Monday, March 29, 2021
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cio review

A robust document management system automates the way files and records are managed, and it will help firms prioritize the tasks.

FREMONT, CA: Many surveys and studies reveal that a valuable amount of time an employee spends searching for data, managing with trivial matters due to poor prioritization, wasting huddling up for hazy discussions, and many more. Executives, managers, or professionals in organizations have to process a lot of documents every day. Simply because the manual processes are inefficient, an intelligent data management system answers the messy search for information. A robust document management system automates the way data is managed in the organization. Here are some key features of DMS that add value to businesses.

Categorize Content

A DMS software automatically indexes the many documents based on the type of content. If the content is about to management, then the filing system would look for similar words. It maps the complete physical flow of the document from its inception to its expiry.

Document Libraries

Another interesting feature is the document library. A document library is the house of all documents. It enables creating a single space for everyone to read, write and store documents. Here users can create document types, a records portal, or even an engaging intranet as it suits the organization.

Metadata management

In a conventional file management system, the cabinet has racks named after the type of file. Sometimes, a file may belong on two shelves and thus confusing. But an online document management system performs it through metadata. Metadata is a set of data that offers information about other data. Simply said, metadata is like a tag that firms put on an online document.

Monitor Progress through Versioning

Versioning is a specialty of DMS that ensures that every change users make to a document is saved with the versions' numbering. The control approval feature also forms a part of it. It enables persons with the needed control to publish documents. The check-out and check-in feature lets firms comment on the text changes and even for specific versions.

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