KeyedIn to Launch New Cloud ERP Solution for Manufacturing Industries
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KeyedIn to Launch New Cloud ERP Solution for Manufacturing Industries

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: With an aim to transform the visibility for manufacturing enterprises, KeyedIn Solutions will launch KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP solution at FABTECH 2015- a trade fair for metal processing industries. The new ERP solution enhances production management, operational efficiency and organizational connectivity.

KeyedIn’s Manufacturing Cloud ERP solution is designed to connect systems, processes and people in order to provide manufacturing industries adequate information to facilitate their decision making process. Some of the features offered by this solution include greasing operational activities from quoting to production and shipping; automate manual processes; develop real time reports and dashboards for sales pipeline meetings and helps enterprises to accurately respond to the customer requests.

Moreover, KeyedIn’s ERP solution helps manufacturing industries to secure the most profitable quotes and estimates allowing enterprises to keep only the required inventory to realize cost savings. In addition, it can determine order-processing time with the production capacity in real time and gives control of the shipping schedule.

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"Cloud technology enables innovation like never before and the new KeyedIn Manufacturing ERP exemplifies this; giving manufacturers unprecedented connectivity packaged with powerful production and planning tools. In fact, KeyedIn Manufacturing is designed specifically for the production manufacturer. FABTECH attendees will welcome these capabilities,” says Lauri Klaus, CEO and Co-Founder, KeyedIn Solutions.

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