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Keys to Unlock Power of Marketing Automation

By CIOReview | Friday, April 26, 2019

Increased industrial reliance on Marketing Automation has dramatically empowered the e-commerce industry. Marketing automation integrates innovative emailing strategies with other customer engagement methods to gain public attention and reach broad audiences besides making use of advanced email marketing tools and mapping them to the customer database. This latest online marketing software enables the e-commerce stores to track the customer’s in-store behavior with the help of website cookies, and synchronize this data with the business portfolio. Marketing automation software eliminates redundant data by using pattern matching algorithms, speeds up processing, creates online campaigns, and runs ads in addition to promoting business via mailers and newsletters. Intending to maximize sales, engineers have devised smart ways to automate marketing parables of enterprises. Here is a glimpse!

• Maintaining customer database

Customer data drives marketing excellence. An updated, accurate, and consistent customer database forms the basis for effective customer engagement processes. By ensuring the correctness of customer data, e-commerce experts can design dynamic forms, responsive subscription portals, and schedule mailers, thereby gaining a large number of business leads and massive store traffic. The use of data learning algorithms helps in detecting wrong user information and filling the missing data.    

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• Customizing emails based on onsite customer behavior

Personalized emails establish and strengthen the bond between the buyer and the seller. Marketing automation software keenly analyzes the user preferences and behavioral data like budget constraints, and product interests, to develop highly customized email content, which helps the customer relate to the brand and its vision.     

• After-shopping strategies

The biggest challenge for the e-commerce industry is to gain customers’ trust and bring them back to the store. Advanced digital marketing techniques help in designing and exercising post-purchase strategies such as product reviews, customer feedback, complimentary gifts or discount vouchers, ‘thank you’ or ‘miss you’ emails.

Marketing automation powers e-commerce enterprises with innovative and computerized promotional ideas. This latest technological approach is sure to help businesses achieve marketing goals and consequently welcome higher sales.   

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