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Know How AI is Assisting the Dentists

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 9, 2019

From Radiology to Virtual Assistants to Dentures vs. Implants, AI is transforming dentistry across the domains.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare, like any other mission-critical industry, is in constant need of transformation as per the latest advancements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping the industries across the verticals with the same and dentistry is not an exception to this trend either.

Consider a smart toothbrush scanning the teeth checking for cavities and hairline cracks. The images get automatically uploaded to the cloud where, and in case of an issue, an automatic appointment is scheduled to the dentist. The above was just a glimpse of what AI has to offer in dentistry.

Transforming Radiology

Radiology is another aspect of dentistry that has undergone a radical transformation due to AI. It provides relevant information to interpret medical and dental records like radiological scans. Often, the records are complex and require more time than the situation can afford.

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AI, on the other hand, accelerates the radiology processes and quickly processes the large quantity of data using digital images, thereby speeding up decision making.

Virtual Assistants and Big Data

Big data forms the core of most AI advancements. The vast sets of data reveal the patterns and trends in behavior. AI processes these data at a lightning pace, thus providing the users with actionable data.  The developers are working hard to create visual assistants that will compare scans against the reference images to pinpoint potential problems for later examination.

A particular innovation in dentistry that utilize big data is D Assistant designed by Dentem. The assistant hears commands, analyze data and provide information-driven suggestions during dental surgeries.

Dentures vs. Implants

Whether to use fixed denture prosthetics or dental implants is one of the most critical questions that challenge the dentists and the patients. While dental implants are cost-efficient and can help the patients regain the function after tooth loss, in case of loss of multiple teeth from an arch, dentures may be the best option. However, in some cases, the decision can be challenging, such as a case where a single tooth is missing. With AI, dentists can bank upon evidence-based decision-making as AI quickly analyzes data focusing on the underlying conditions.

AI is set to be incorporated in every area of medicine to eliminate unnecessary procedure and streamlining administrations.

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