Kohl's Launches Omnichannel Strategies for Next Level Shopping Experience

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Kohl’s has introduced its latest omnichannel initiatives aimed at offering a more personalized experience to shoppers. The company has augmented its strategy by including personalized pricing, diverse shipping options as well as integrating both physical shopping and online shopping in the same platform.  The initiatives are a part of the “Greatness Agenda” which is a multi-year project intended to make Kohl’s the most engaging retailer in the country.

“We’re thinking about integrating every touchpoint— Kohls.com, mobile apps, and even how our ads show up on Google. The guiding principle is that it should be seamless, simple and highly engaging. So if you search a keyword at Kohls.com, it will give you the top sellers first, and you can click and go straight to the product. In the mobile app, the top-searched keywords will show up,” says Ratnakar Lavu, Executive Vice President of Digital Technology, Kohl’s.

The personalization initiative launched by Kohl’s lays emphasis on Big Data Analytics––sending relevant messages to customers through email, by disseminating huge quantities of customer data. In addition, the company is planning to provide discounted personalized pricing offers on specific products, sent via messages to customers’ mobile wallets. The company also proposes to introduce more personalized offers in the coming months to ensure customer loyalty.

Kohl’s has extended its digital shopping cart service to multiple devices enabling customers to begin and end transactions on different devices. Furthermore, online customers are now presented with a range of shipping options including next day, two day, regular shipping or same-day delivery option according to their preference. Kohl’s has also added an update to its mobile app–the store mode–that provides the store’s inventory information to customers, thereby relieving them from the nuisance of walking up and down aisles. Moreover, the personalized pricing option is now incorporated to the app that instantly gives customers the actual price of the product, after discounts.