Kroll Ontrack's New Data Management Solution Reigns in on Legacy Tape Inefficiencies
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Kroll Ontrack's New Data Management Solution Reigns in on Legacy Tape Inefficiencies

By CIOReview | Monday, February 15, 2016

FREMONT, CA: With the exponential increase of data day by day, data management is being an expensive and vital exercise that requires extensive storage facilities and solid privacy compliance system. Organizations are increasingly burdened with legacy data management protocols and high maintenance costs of multiple legacy systems to ensure data access for legal and regulatory requests. Addressing these issues, Kroll Ontrack launches its new data management solution. Ontrack DataAdvisor consolidates backup catalogs from various systems and mediums into a single, searchable inventory, providing clear insight into the legacy data and eliminating legacy maintenance costs.

With Ontrack DataAdvisor, the data can be consolidated into one online application for viewing and managing legacy data on tape. The tool enables quick research and access to the specific data and restores it whenever needed, further allowing to migrate or to erase data with ease. The product eliminates the headache of maintaining legacy hardware and software, thus resulting in reduction of the overall spends.

To create the searchable inventory, Kroll Ontrack ingests catalog information directly from backup tapes or from an exported database file. Catalog data is then hosted in Kroll Ontrack’s secure global data centers, while physical tapes are stored with Kroll Ontrack or a third-party vendor or returned to the client. When required, Ontrack DataAdvisor clients simply search the inventory to identify targeted content and request restores for only what is needed.

Bringing all the aspects including data access, retention, migration, defensible deletion and backup into one console, Ontrack DataAdvisor helps in making informed and cost-effective decisions around the data. It can effectively reduce the time spend for data research and manipulations as well as the risks associated with the improper storing and destroying information.

Tom McCaffrey, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Kroll Ontrack extols that Ontrack DataAdvisor provides certainty of what information resides on backup systems, empowering organizations to make defensible, fact-based decisions around what data to maintain and what data to dispose.

“Because regulated industries like finance and healthcare need to keep and maintain access to regulated data for a period of time for legal reasons, they are compelled to not only retain the physical tapes, but also the expensive legacy systems needed to restore tape data. Ontrack DataAdvisor solves these challenges by aggregating legacy backup catalogs from all systems into one easy-to-search inventory. As a result, organizations not only reduce risk by knowing precisely what data is stored in their tape archive, Kroll Ontrack can restore targeted data as needed allowing organizations to essentially decommission legacy systems outright,” said Todd Johnson, Vice President, Data and Storage Technologies, Kroll Ontrack.