Latest Epicor Eagle N Series to Drive Retail Stores' Revenues and Profits

By CIOReview | Friday, October 16, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: With a fundamental aim to support growing retail business needs, Epicor has released an updated version of their retail business management solution ‘Epicor Eagle N Series’ that will empower retailers with robust tools to drive revenues and profits.

Epicor offering portfolio includes Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and Human Capital Management software to serve manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries.

Epicor Eagle N Series is specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses to automate inventory management and business analysis, giving in-depth visibility of back office operations. It features In-Store Gift Card to manage gift cards, automate label printing, Eagle Fax for invoices and reports faxing, secure data backup and Bag Sale to give a promotional percent off a group of item. By utilizing Epicor retail store management software businesses can control inventory across stores, transfer products, synchronize prices, make on-time deliveries and quickly assign technician to check-in orders as well as update dispatched order updates, increasing store traffic.

Now the latest version strikes the market with enhanced functionalities such as, Vendor Report Card tool to enable buyers report on vendor performance and track improvements and Physical Inventory application to accurately process counts and streamline workflows.

Additionally Epicor Eagle N Series came up with Gift and List Registry application which is built on Epicor iNet eBusiness Suite platform. Gift and List Registry tool will allow retailers elevate their new consumer acquisition, sales and store and consumers engagement.

New version of Epicor Eagle N Series also introduces Dynamic Promotions system which records the customers' promotion coupon serial number issued and printed in the point of sale (POS) for tracking coupon customers instantly in case consumer misplaces their rewards card. It also collaborates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to empower with a single integrated solution for payroll, human resources and accounting, while eradicating data entry errors.