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Latest Version of DataPath's MaxView Enterprise Software Now Available

By CIOReview | Monday, April 25, 2016
David Myers, President and CEO, DataPath

David Myers, President and CEO, DataPath

ATLANTA, GA: DataPath, a provider of remote field communications and IT solutions, announces the successful deployment of its upgraded MaxView Enterprise software by Convergent Media Systems, a digital signage company. MaxView Enterprise is a monitor and control software solution that provides single interface to manage all elements present in the client’s network across all locations.

The latest version of MaxView Enterprise is now available as an upgrade to current users and a complete software suite for new users. It offers advanced capabilities in user experience and analytics. Users can manage their networks virtually from any web-enabled device. The enhanced features include upgraded analytics, continuous learning through integrated multimedia training, customizable dashboard, advanced scheduling capabilities, and expanded library of device drivers.

With successful installation, the upgraded software has enabled Convergent to improve the existing capabilities of its Network Operations Center. MaxView Enterprise has simplified device management within the network and helped Convergent to analyze up time while addressing any service issues. MaxView serves a number of customers from the commercial as well as military field to solve their operational issues.

“Our next generation platform comes with substantially enhanced network visualization capabilities, expanded analytics and reporting tools, a new web-optimized user interface and the ability to operate in both thin and thick client environments,” asserts David Myers, President and CEO, DataPath.

DataPath is offering MaxView Enterprise software, for mission critical networks. In essence, as the firm sets its foot in the communications solutions arena to meet the needs of broadcast, aerospace, infrastructure and government clients, MaxView Enterprise will play an integral part in addressing those needs. “To help our clients find the right solution, we further offer easy to understand packages that can be tailored to each customer,” adds Myers.