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Leveraging AI to Better Governance

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 4, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The development in technology has accelerated growth and profits in many industries. Applications of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are so wide-ranging that it has managed to become an integral part in seemingly non-technical sectors as well. The government sector is yet to adopt advanced technologies in a manner as other areas have. This could change rapidly though, as governments are making themselves feel at home with the transforming technological landscapes.

AI can bring about significant changes in the way governments work and make the public sector much more efficient than it has ever imagined being. The entire transformation might seem a little overwhelming, but the possibilities of improving public services are enormous. The branches of AI that could be vital for application in governance include chatbots, speech recognition, machine translation, computer vision, machine learning, robotics, and Natural Language Processing.

Governments can, through the AI-based techniques, enable high levels of automation. Tasks that require human labor can be done more accurately and fast with AI, thereby reducing dependence on human labor and reducing burden. This would subsequently drive upscales, speed and volume and administrative tasks and paperwork will be minimized.

Cognitive insights and predictions make AI, a powerful tool for governments. Events having intricate patterns of occurrence can be tracked using AI, permitting governments to strategize efficiently and respond effectively in any circumstance. From predicting diseases, to crop failures, to potential terrorist attacks; AI can prove handy. Real-time tracking capabilities through AI gives the government access to valuable data as well.

The best part about making governance AI-enabled is that it would lead to better outreach. Governments can reach out to the masses, and the public can communicate more effectively with the government and authorities. The disconnect that often proves to be a deterrent to competent administration can be ruled out with help from AI. A comprehensive AI strategy for every field under the control of the government has the power to solve many problems and improve many aspects ranging from international security to food security. Incentives of AI-based governance are alike for the governing as well as the governed.