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Leveraging the Smart Fleet Management System to Optimize Transportation

By CIOReview | Monday, June 3, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The need to make transportation more efficient is increasing day by day. Technologies have brought about significant changes in the way business is conducted these days. Smart supply chains demand good speed and visibility throughout transportation. Intelligent transportation management is a vital cog in the wheel of automated processes that enterprises are looking to develop.

Smart transportation makes monitoring particularly easy. Constant visibility of the transport system allows real-time tracking of the products. Customers can have access to the tracking data as well and know the status of where the product reaches. Apart from being of convenience to the customers, the company also benefits from real-time tracking since it allows the company to be sure about the status of deliveries and make plans to mitigate any circumstance. Temperature, humidity, pressure, and other such factors can also be monitored using sensors and controlled remotely to keep them optimal by the adoption of technologies like the Internet of Things.

Accurate data and detailed information regarding the vehicles like the duration for which a particular vehicle has been on the road and the route it is following can help increase efficiency by preventing drivers from spending time idly, optimizing fuel use, and enhancing safety. A fleet management system can achieve all of this. Enterprises can reduce their response time in case of unplanned events and prevent delays or mismanagement of freight.

 A fascinating development in the smart transportation segment is the concept of platooning. Platooning is a system in which three to four trucks can be connected, during long stretches of travel on highways using digital tethers. One driver is required for the lead truck, and the rest can follow the lead at a short distance under the control of the first truck. After reaching a designated spot, drivers for each car can take the journey forward. Several advantages are associated with this system. The cost of hiring drivers decrease, road safety increases, and fuel consumption is optimized.

The transparency and efficiency that comes about as a result of smart transportation are impressive. Manufacturers, transporters as well as customers, everybody gets the best.

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