LG Innotek Leverages Daintree Network's ControlScope

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

LOS ALTOS, CA: Daintree Networks and LG Innotek enter into a partnership to deliver an out-of-the-box, wirelessly connected LED lighting products for commercial, retail and industrial customers. Daintree Networks are a smart building control, sensing and Enterprise Internet of Things solutions provider. LG Innotek is a materials and components manufacturer.

 DY Huh, Vice President, Engineering, LG Innotek says, "By linking our embedded wireless products with Daintree Networks' control system, we are meeting the demand from leading LED luminaire manufacturers for cost-effective, seamless lighting control solutions."

LG Innotek creates several new products that supports Daintree Networks product - ‘ControlScope’. ControlScope is an intelligent, comprehensive and cost-effective energy management solution. The solution also eliminates the wiring by leveraging open standards. This intelligent wireless mesh of networks replaces physical control panels. The open standard solution reduces much of the expenses, complication, and disruptions of a wired system. Additionally, it helps buildings to comply with green building regulations and guidelines, and qualify for utility and government rebates.  

Sooner, LG Innotek plans to release a wireless interface module—30W and 55W programmable LED driver all with embedded open standard ZigBee connectivity which is a high-level communication protocol used to create personal area network. LED drivers will run seamlessly on Daintree Network’s ControlScope solution. LED drivers come in a programmable output current, 0-10V dimming and 1% dimmable capabilities.  Further, Huh comments, “Luminaire manufacturers can focus on their core capabilities and integrate our embedded wireless products into their own unique offerings.” LG Innotek designed and built its new driver line with an incorporated small-form factor, pluggable ZigBee module by leveraging the Daintree Network’s open standard solution.