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Light Reading in Association with Cisco to Present 'Upskill U' Online University

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

innovating business in the field of telecommunications industryNEW YORK, NY: Considering the requirement to upskill and reskill the communications industry's work process, Light Reading has co-partnered with Cisco to introduce Upskill U, an online educational forum that aims at innovating business in the field of telecommunications industry. This online platform is capable to gather service providers and enterprise decision-makers to conceive strategies for businesses, with regards to the key technology changes and critical business challenges.

Upskill U is a unique online community where expert lecturers and their student come together in a common platform to understand the business technology that are require to architect and monetize the next generation, all-IP networks.

"Upskill University is an online educational resource that delivers must-have education on themes that relate to the overall business transformation taking place in the communications industry," comments Stephen Saunders, Founder and CEO, Light Reading.

This online platform comprises of industrial expert lecturers, including AT&T, Verizon and more. These courses from the online university focuses exclusively on the business outcome from the implementation of SDN and NFV to direct the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, cyber security, MANO, 5G, analytics and other important developments.

"This is a time of huge opportunity for those tasked with building communications networks capable of enabling a new class of exciting digital experiences," says Doug Webster, Vice President, Service Provider Marketing, Cisco. "The industry is at an inflection point, where the Internet has evolved from connectivity, to immersive experiences, to digitization.”

Upskill U consists of several modules where each course session is 45-minutes long in which students can unboundedly ask questions and discuss similar business and technological challenges (and expertise) among other students and download a wealth of additional learning materials. These educational courses are documented online, and are available 24/7 round the clock.

Upskill U has been blocked with an exciting schedule for next two weeks starting from April, 20th to April, 29th. Beginning with Virtualization 101, Virtualization: Webifying the Network, Virtualization: Network Design & Infrastructure and Virtualization: Automation and many more to offer.