Lightpath Announces New Focus & Branding Combined with Investing Millions in Network Upgrades and Enhanced Customer Service
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Lightpath Announces New Focus & Branding Combined with Investing Millions in Network Upgrades and Enhanced Customer Service

By CIOReview | Friday, June 11, 2021
All Under the Direction of a New, Industry-Experienced Leadership Team

New York, NY - Lightpath, an all-fiber, infrastructure-based connectivity provider, that is revolutionizing how organizations connect to their digital destinations, announced the launch of its new vision and brand, an aggressive network upgrade program, an enhanced customer service focus, as well as a new leadership team with long ties to the fiber-connectivity industry.

After 30 years in the industry, Lightpath is reinventing itself – from the network and services to customer service and support, and everything between. Lightpath’s new branding demonstrates the company’s dual focus of technological leadership and innovation, combined with reinventing customer service within the industry.

“It is a very exciting time at Lightpath as we build on 30 years of history, with a renewed perspective on the future and what it means to deliver for our customers. Investing in and extending our network, providing superior connectivity solutions, combined with the best customer service in the industry - this is what customers want, and this is what will drive Lightpath,” explained Chris Morley, Lightpath Chief Executive Officer.

Lightpath is investing millions of dollars in network upgrades that include next-generation optical and packet networks which provide customers with unsurpassed service levels, resiliency, reliability, and security. These network upgrades not only make Lightpath services better, they also make them bigger, with optical transport services up to 800 Gbps. “Our network enhancements really separate Lightpath from the competition technologically,” commented Lightpath Chief Technology Officer, Phil Olivero. “In terms of service offerings, bandwidths, resiliency, and security, Lightpath is now on the leading edge.”

The company is also innovating and investing across the entire organization with an emphasis on Sales and Customer Service. Every point in a customer's journey with Lightpath is being examined and improved – from sale, to installation, and support - with the goal of creating the best experience in the industry. “We’ve doubled the size of our sales force and customer care teams in order to provide better and more specialized service to customers,” added Doug Dalissandro, Lightpath Chief Revenue Officer. “We are listening to what customers want from us, not just in terms of network and service offerings, but also how customers want to conduct business and expect to be supported. We are aligning our people and processes to meet those requirements.”

To drive innovation across Lightpath, Chris Morley has recruited an all-star cast from the fiber connectivity industry on his new leadership team. In addition to Doug Dalissandro and Phil Olivero, Lightpath’s team also includes: Chief Strategy Officer, David Mayer; General Counsel, Chris Yost; EVP of Finance, Eric Swanholm; and SVP of Enterprise Sales, Doug Turtz.

“Lightpath has long-standing customer relationships measured not in years, but in decades. We have employees who also measure their tenure in decades. When we combine technological and internal innovation with our amazing Lightpath employees, we are aspiring to create something special here and deliver for our customers in a way that nobody else can,” concluded Morley.