Linux Added to eCube's NXTware Product Line

By CIOReview | Friday, May 20, 2016
Kevin Barnes, President, eCube Systems

Kevin Barnes, President, eCube Systems

HOUSTON, TX: eCube Systems, a veteran in legacy systems evolution, recently announced the inclusion of the Linux platform to its NXTware product line—Remote Server and Remote Studio.

The products are marketed jointly as NXTware Remote which work together to make it easier for software teams to develop code on local workstations running Eclipse—to compile, debug and deploy on a remote OpenVMS or Linux server.

“We help developers improve their business productivity maintaining legacy systems with NXTware Remote and modernize the testing and deployment process with NXTmonitor,” said Kevin Barnes, President, eCube Systems. “We also simplify legacy modernization with integration products and services.” 

NXTware Remote simplifies the software development of new and legacy business logic on remote platforms and supports almost any platform, including OpenVMS, HP NonStop, Z-series and various types of UNIX/Linux. NXTware Remote also provides intelligent editors for COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C++, Basic, and Pascal that run on the workstations in Eclipse—this means that developers can detect and fix syntax errors while they write the code. 

“Until now, OpenVMS customers migrating to Linux had to train their developers on different skills,” said Barnes. “Now with NXTware Remote, OpenVMS and Linux can share the same development platform, saving time, reducing costs and speeding delivery.”