MACOM's 12G Chipset Powers Marshall Electronics Latest Broadcast Converters

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

LOWELL, MA: MACOM Technology and Solutions, supplier of semiconductor solutions for broadcast video infrastructure collaborates with Marshall Electronics, manufacturer of cutting-edge technology for audio/video professionals to develop Marshall’s V-1O20 and V-1O20 12G-SDI Optical Converters from of MACOM’s 12G chipset. 12G-SDI is based  on SDI standard which is required to support 4K video resolutions at 60 frames per second over a single coaxial cable, or optical fiber.

Marshall’s V-IO21 converts two 12G-SDI inputs to one optical SFP module with two corresponding outputs. The V-IO20, a complementary product to the V-IO21, converts one optical SFP module with two inputs to two 12G-SDI outputs. The new V-IO21 and V-IO20 Optical Converters are the latest additions to Marshall’s product portfolio of broadcast converters, including the V-IO12 and V-IO14 12G-SDI Distribution Amplifiers.  

"We use the MACOM SDI chipset in our new 12G Converters because we have come to recognize MACOM products for their reliability and functionality. Together with MACOM, Marshall Electronics is able to dramatically improve the communication of 4K content,” says Greg Boren, Product Marketing Engineer, Marshall Electronics.