Majority of Federal Agencies Follow NIST Cyber Security Framework: Dell Report
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Majority of Federal Agencies Follow NIST Cyber Security Framework: Dell Report

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The guidance provided by the NIST Cyber Security Framework is taking the federal agencies and industries in a right way in mitigating risks securing their IT infrastructure, says the latest survey report from Dell. It is found that 82 percent of the federal organizations use NIST framework for improving their security stance.

Dell commissioned Dimensional Research to capture hard data on experiences with the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and confidence regarding overall IT security. As NIST Cyber Security Framework is grabbing the attention of federal IT professionals, majority of the agencies are noting this framework as a solid foundation for cyber security measures. The recent survey of federal IT professionals revealed that 53 percent of organizations are fully deploying the NIST framework while the rest 29 percent are partially deploying it.

The “IT Security in US Federal Government: A Survey of IT and Security Professionals” report surveyed 150 IT and security professionals across the U.S. federal government found that 68 percent of the respondents (those who responded to the survey) are looking up to the framework to improve organizational security. While 39 percent are using the framework to create a uniform approach to discussing security throughout their agency.

Focusing on five areas of cyber security risk management like identify, detect, protect, respond and recover, the framework helps the organizations to improve their security system. According to the survey 39 percent of respondents are creating a uniform approach to defined security.

"As security threats continue to increase in sophistication and frequency, holistic, end-to-end security is crucial. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework empowers agencies to identify, detect, protect, respond and recover from cyber threats, and it can serve as an excellent resource for government. Regardless of mission, industry, data type, or threat factor, organizations can use the NIST Framework to strengthen their security posture, develop and enhance cybersecurity roadmaps, improve organizational security and create a uniform security language. From Dell One Identity Manager to Dell SonicWALL’s next-generation firewalls, Dell’s security solutions help agencies get started by supporting the range of security efforts outlined in the framework," said, Paul Christman, VP of Federal, Dell Software.