Medecision's Aerial Solutions Offer Improved Performance and Financial Success for Health Organizations

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare organizations are gradually leveraging population health management system that is used to aggregate the patient data across multiple resources, analyze it and maintain help care providers to improve both clinical outcomes and financial success. Medecision, a healthcare management solutions provider, releases “Aerial Insights,” a secure, on-demand platform that provides real-time data feeds, sophisticated analytics and automation and helps its customers gain control over clinical, quality and financial performance. Health organizations can now confidently manage through market changes, regulatory updates and new populations, while improving quality and reducing costs.

Aerial Insights is an on-demand population health data and analytics infrastructure that offers data aggregation and curation from multiple formats such as claims, pharmacy, lab, demographics, utilization management authorizations and care management interactions. The real-time feeds are sources from EMRs (electronic medical records), admission discharge and transfer (ADT) transactions and remote-monitoring devices.

It provides predictive analytics for clinical, quality and financial performance analysis, aiding in better care management, member-patient engagement, security, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

In addition, Medecisions introduce Aerial Alerts that offers member-and-patient centered predictive algorithms which run against all data available to trigger workflows, tasks and reporting. Alerts can change a member’s or patient’s status in the care management queue and generate a new rules-based task for a care manager. These alerts help healthcare organizations focus on improved operational performance and financial success, with clinical decision support and management of patients and members.

Aerial supports bi-directional, multiplatform communication, connecting everyone in the patient’s care circle. The solution serves as a foundation for an evidence-based approach to optimizing care, while eliminating excessive treatment and expense.

The Aerial solution serves risk-bearing health organizations as an effective population health management system that enables: secure cloud-based data management infrastructure; quality measures reporting; comprehensive health summary; population analytics and disease registry; predictive algorithms for surveillance, detection and risk mitigation; and BI (business intelligence) and data discovery workbench for data analysis and report generation.

“Medecision is building on our strengths in cloud-based big-data management, care management and coordination workflow, and consumer engagement technologies to deliver a new class of apps and services that discover insights from massive amounts of data—and improve by learning,” said Deborah M. Gage, president and CEO, Medecision. “Aerial Insights is the first step on that journey, bringing operational performance and financial success into focus for health organizations eager to reduce risk, lower administrative costs and improve quality of care.”