MediaPro and ObserveIT Partners to Pioneer Just In Time Training to Tackle Insider Threats

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

FREMONT, CA: MediaPro has moved into a strategic partnership with ObserveIT to counter possible insider threats in the corporate organization. ObserveIT is a firm that provides behavioral analytics to detect internal threats and this partnership will strengthen MediaPro with well-equipped insight for any kind of internal threats.

“ObserveIT is highly successful at identifying potentially bad employee behaviors, but we intend to take it a step further and use those insights to create hyper-targeted security awareness programs,” said Steve Conrad, Managing Director, MediaPro. “Bringing in key behavioral insights from ObserveIT will enable our customers to drill down even deeper and deliver specific, in-time training right at the point of need.”

Behavioral analytics are combined with security awareness training to provide requisite information of bad behavior of the employee. This pre-insight of the employee behavior allows the firm to provide specific training well in time to rectify the particular weaknesses of the employee. MediaPro and ObserveIT states that this strategic partnership will over the time improve the employee’s behavior and also encourage security awareness culture between them.

“Research from Observe IT has shown that Just-in-Time Training deters more than 90 percent of users from engaging in risky behavior, which indicates the power of Just-in-Time Training in improving employee behaviors,” said Gabriel Friedlander, Co-Founder & CTO, ObserveIT. “In partnering with MediaPro, we’ll be able to ensure that our customers’ employees who exhibit risky behaviors will be educated, rather than them simply looking for another way to bypass policies.”

This collaboration will also help information security professionals in tracking any malicious activity that is against the company’s policy. The professionals will also ensure effective reporting about the impact of any security awareness program by using behavioral analytics in pre and post education, on an individual or a departmental level.