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MEDITECH Announces Widespread Market Availability for MaaS

By CIOReview | Friday, March 13, 2020
WESTWOOD, Mass., - MEDITECH is excited to announce MaaS (MEDITECH as a Service) is now available to community health systems. Offered initially to Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), larger community health systems now have the opportunity to utilize MaaS and the many benefits that come with a cost-effective subscription to MEDITECH Expanse.

MaaS is a cloud-based EHR subscription that provides health systems with full access to Expanse, MEDITECH's web-based platform. Specifically designed to reduce the complexity and cost of procuring, hosting, and maintaining a cutting-edge EHR system while improving efficiency and ensuring quality patient care, MaaS is an attractive option for organizations facing the many challenges within the current healthcare landscape.

"We are so excited to extend this offering to our customers and prospects beyond the CAH space," MEDITECH President and CEO Howard Messing said. "We understand that the focus should be on the patient, on providing quality care — not on IT. MaaS empowers organizations to maintain that focus."

One of the most notable aspects of MaaS is a streamlined implementation. Using best practices, community health systems will be able to go LIVE with Expanse in an expedited time frame. MEDITECH's hands-on approach accelerates end-user training and optimizes the software build phase, while a remotely-hosted data center significantly decreases any strain on the organization's technical resources.

MaaS provides community health systems with an opportunity to strike the right balance between autonomy and maintainability. Expanse's interoperability reduces the complexity of exchanging data with other systems and offers organizations more control than other hosted vendors. With MEDITECH maintaining the software and an experienced cloud operations staff overseeing the data center, organizations can focus on caring for their community.

"MaaS represents a meaningful step in driving EHR access and adoption for organizations of all sizes," says Helen Waters, Executive Vice President at MEDITECH. "The cloud-based EHR subscription service equips organizations with the technology needed to improve organizational efficiency and ensure quality patient care."

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