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Mediware Takes an Innovative Step into Patient Care and Bill Payment Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, August 14, 2015

LENEXA, KS: Mediware, a software solution provider of post-acute care healthcare software to drive reduced costs and high-quality care for patients through efficient means. The company has announced the availability of a patient pay solution for the users of CPR+ pharmacy software. Formerly, the solution offered revenue cycle management features, which is now extended to deliver patient billing and collection services by combining the solutions from two of its business partners, A/R Allegiance Group (ARA) and Rock-Pond Solutions.

“This allows Rock-Pond reports and CPR+ Analytics to work in conjunction with ARA’s private pay billing and collection process, and provides an efficient way to deal with the growing challenge of patient pay collections,” says Pete Tanguay, President, Rock-Pond Solutions.

Rock-Pond is a business intelligence software provider presenting data transfer technology that defines, schedules and automates secure data transfers between systems, while ARA provides private pay billing and debt collection solutions. Its contribution to the integration is COLLECTPlus, an automated patient billing and collection system solves patient pay portion of billing and A/R management. CPR+ connects COLLECTPlus so that the payment and adjustment activity is delivered among the systems without manual work ensuring data accuracy.

“Providers are typically collecting less than half their private pay money when we begin working with them. With COLLECTPlus and our dedicated focus, we are able to increase this percentage to 80% or more,” states Keith Lilek, CEO, A/R Allegiance Group.

Mediware has also declared the second release of the software 'CareTend’ at the Medtrade Conference 2015. The software unifies the features of all Mediware home care solutions onto one advanced platform. The home care solution is profitable for providers in HME/DME, home infusion, home health agency and specialty pharmacy.

“Providing our customers software technology that makes their jobs easier and far more efficient is a key advantage to the software. I am very pleased that our customers will be able to see the new offering and begin benefitting from its new features and functions,” explains Paul O’Toole, Vice President and General Manager, Home Care Solutions Division, Mediware.

CareTend includes features like enhanced end user experience, easy navigation and better personalization options to fit varying workflows and responsibilities. The software is capable of handling large volumes of data from multiple locations of less complex environments, sustaining the implementation for users.

Health Options is the first user of this software and has benefitted from the data capabilities offered to configure and control the software as per requirements.