Microsoft's MinecraftEdu Makes Learning More Compelling

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 21, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The innovative eye of Microsoft found the robust virtual tutor for future generation, associating with Minecraft.  The Alpha release of Minecraft for PC has been available as a gaming tool in the market so far. Microsoft has now made a smart move by acquiring it.  Microsoft aims to contribute to the education sector by expanding some of the features, rebranding the tool as MinecraftEdu. MinecraftEdu was initially developed by the company Teacher Gaming and is successfully in operation over 40 countries across the globe. The innovative approach towards education system has helped to build interest and cultivate creative ideas in the minds of forthcoming generation.

The gaming arena is composed of rough 3D objects like cubes arranged in a fixed grid pattern representing different materials, such as dirt, stone, various ores, water, lava, tree trunks. While players can move freely across the world, objects can only be placed at fixed locations on the grid. Players can gather these material blocks and place them anywhere in the game world, thus giving the liberty of putting user’s ideas into action. The opportunity to construct the virtual world helps to craft a new story, helping the teacher to deliver the knowledge efficiently to her disciples. The story may embrace poetry, history, science and many more.

The service that MinecraftEdu provides today in the classroom is diverse.  Elementary school students learn about city planning and engineering; middle school learn the building blocks of computer science in a Minecraft coding camp; college students get to know the history of the place and its people by re-creating historic landscape and events in the program, notes Anthony Salcito, VP, Worldwide Education, Microsoft.

The new version of the Minecraft Education Edition will be available this summer. Specification on the fee of this edition for new users is not formally disclosed. But Sarah Perez inks on the BBC report stating that Microsoft will charge annual fee of 5 dollars for each teacher and child, in the article for Tech Crunch. The existing users need not worry on the tariff since they can access the edition free of cost. The preview of the latest version is available in the website of Minecraft Education Edition, offering start-up tutorials and other resources for programming