Midokura to Adopt DevOps Culture Across Various Enterprises

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA:  Midokura, a global startup focused on network virtualization has announced strong continued company momentum, driven in part by the decision to open source the MidoNet network virtualization technology in 2014.

This initiative has established the industry’s first open, vendor-agnostic network virtualization solution. MidoNet has experienced swift adoption in the open community, in addition to new enterprise customer wins, partnerships and industry accolades.

Midokura’s technology is favored by DevOps cultures from global enterprises, Web scale companies and service providers alike. Today, the company also announced that companies like Blue Jeans Network, Dell, KVH, NTT, Orange Labs, Puppet Labs and Toshiba, rely on the Midokura Enterprise MidoNet (MEM) offering to build, run and manage virtual networks with increased control, security and flexibility. Customers benefit from reduced overall network costs and improved stability, scalability and performance.

 “Puppet Labs is the de facto configuration management solution of choice for tens of thousands of DevOps practitioners,” says Nigel Kersten, CIO at Puppet Labs. “We base our technology vendor choices on technology fit, but we do strongly prefer to work with vendors who share in our beliefs around IT transformation and DevOps culture. We selected Midokura’s network virtualization solution because it’s a great product and because they share our beliefs around the intersection of tech and culture. We look forward to working closely with Midokura in multiple ways around the exciting and expanding SDN space.”