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Migrating to Cloud, Making Governance Safer and Smarter

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 6, 2019

FREMONT, CA: With business-catering intentions, cloud technology has seen an upscale in most local councils and has been anticipating more futuristic upgradations. The continuous rise in local authorities to store information in the cloud has dramatically grown over the previous two years. While the government authorities are moving continuously towards the cloud-based solutions, efforts to achieve effectiveness, and drive innovation shall stay in tandem. IT stakeholders must, therefore, be able to justify the choice to transfer to the cloud with clear evidence of how advantages are provided, to the citizen.

Progressive organizations in the public sector are embracing dynamic cloud use cases to increase visibility and enhance their capacity to derive intelligence from the enormous quantity of information that flows through their network. These officials realize that it allows them to put in place measurements that comprehend and relate to the requirements of the end user and optimize the efficiency of their network by enhancing their visibility. Eventually, allowing visibility across the entire technology property, when embarking on this type of lift and shift, IT teams are provided a much-needed insurance policy.

Any significant technology change within local authority has the potential to have an enormous effect on government employees, so failure is not an alternative. Potential downtime may leave local people unable to apply for critical services or may harm the productivity of employees.  Cloud migration can be an answer to this. If local government organizations have a proper migration and transition to cloud-based technology, the capacity to monitor their infrastructure efficiently rises.

With network visibility, IT teams have the autonomy to maintain their network and demonstrate the value they bring to the broader organization. But we need to turn the lights first. By doing so, the local authorities' shift to the cloud will be smoother, quicker, and more useful.

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