m-ize's 16.1 release of m-Warranty software to be launched by March
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m-ize's 16.1 release of m-Warranty software to be launched by March

By CIOReview | Monday, February 29, 2016

TAMPA, FL: m-ize, a provider of unique and comprehensive solutions for today's consumer-centric marketplace, earlier announced the release of 16.1 (2016 Q1), the next generation warranty software, which will be launched on 10th March, 2016.

Brands, OEMs, retailers and service providers will be able to accelerate revenue growth and customer loyalty by utilizing the platform to market, sell and support their products.

"m-ize warranty software is now being used by companies in diverse industries such as Heavy equipment, Automotive, Transportation, Home warranty and Consumer devices," said Ashok Kartham, CEO of m-ize. "m-ize software solution reflects the decades of experience in the warranty software industry and best practices. The current release of our Warranty software further solidifies the many benefits to OEMs by unifying and streamlining the entire warranty lifecycle."

Leveraging the latest technologies in the market such as cloud, mobile, IoT and advance analytics technologies, m-Warranty will provide next generation of warranty software for companies.

"Making it simpler to use, flexible to manage and easier to integrate have been key priorities for our warranty management software," said Mike Stroffolino, Sr Product Manager at m-ize. "A common theme for most of the enhancements has been enabling 'Connectedness' across the extended enterprise, various warranty and service processes, and systems."

"m-ize offers a very cost effective solution that replaces multiple point solutions at companies," said Eric Gullekson, customer engagement manager at m-ize. "The cost of the system can be easily paid back in months from reduced warranty costs, improved product quality, increased supplier recovery and consolidation of system support and maintenance costs."