Mobile Helix Offers 'LINK': A Secure Mobile App for Lawyers
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Mobile Helix Offers 'LINK': A Secure Mobile App for Lawyers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: Mobile Helix, the encrypted mobile solution provider for lawyers has come up with ‘LINK’ mobile app which was exhibited at ILTACON 2015. LINK is a single secure app, which enables lawyers to work with iManage, NetDocuments, Outlook, SharePoint, Worksite and the company’s intranet via smartphones and tablets.

A suite of new features are included in the mobile app like viewable NRL attachments; Send-and-File-to iManage; secure document editing; and search of repositories including iManage.

"Lawyers are document-centric. Lawyers need to be able to work with documents even when they are out of the office. Our LINK mobile app has a unique set of capabilities which make it easy to work with documents from mobile devices, such as viewing NRL attachments and filing to iManage," says Seth Hallem, CEO and Co-Founder of Mobile Helix.

Lawyers handle critical documents and highly confidential, sensitive, legal data of clients around the clock, no matter where they are. For them, it is imperative that the data is kept secure and under control; especially the documents to be shared among colleagues and clients for review and comments.

Using the mobile application the lawyers can: respond immediately and effectively to client requests; review and edit documents; share edited documents; save documents for offline use; latest version of the document is always available as the ‘single version of truth’; complex tasks can be completed in a few taps and swipes; and offers unsurpassed security and reliabilty that is completely independent of the mobile device used.