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Mobile HTML5 Significance for Today's Business World

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 9, 2017

Today, Android and iOS platforms rule the realm of mobile, but the need for platform independent applications is still existent. Platform independent source code holds the potential to create business success stories where companies can apply minimal development efforts and limited application development expenditure to build better applications.

The Best Path Forward

As mobility has become an imperative, companies must strategize to explore the mobile space—beyond Android and iOS—by rendering extensive usability of HTML5 based applications. Not only developers but also application users can utilize extensive range of functionalities that HTML5 brings into the world of mobile devices. Be it Safari OS or Firefox, HTML5 easily supports almost all platforms and mobile devices. HTML5 facilitates offline usage through AppCache, web storage, and Indexed Database API; and resolves the intricacies in local data storage. These functionalities also ensure continuous connectivity and storage of static web pages. The functionalities allow the application users to save large number of objects in device memory and subsequently need for internet connectivity to access cloud based infrastructure.

HTML5 also supports numerous video and audio players and simplifies consumption of audio and video files. Typically, an iOS or Android application, which includes video and audio involve cumbersome coding process whereas Mobile HTML5 application development  is comparatively simple.

Support for touch events brought a sea change in the world of mobility where Android as well as iOS have been at the driving seat of this transformation. Though HTML5 is perceived as a technology to build web applications that are accessed with mouse clicks, touch support is one of its noteworthy feature. Businesses need to make clear distinction between support for mouse clicks and touch events as they there is a functional difference between them. HTML5 provides touch events like touchstart, touchend, touchmove, and touchcancel. Through these events, developers build websites that are smartphone-friendly as they bestow users with ease of navigation.

The Emergence of Voice based Applications         

Voice operated application is the latest trend in the realm of technology and HTML5 offers a competition to  applications such as Google Assistant, Siri, and the new entrant, Alexa. HTML5’s Web Speech API empowers developers to provide voice web search, speech command interface, speech translation, and speech enabled email client. Even though user guidance and security remain key requirements, Web Speech API emerges as the most suitable option for mobile app integration.

Websockets, a key feature of HTML5, play crucial role in giving users access to the web. This feature establishes a connection between a web server and browser, and acts as a gateway to the internet. The application built on HTML5 platform also ensures real time communication through WebRTC.

Transforming the Idea of Mobile HTML5 into Reality

Conventionally, a web application is formulated through combined forces of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Though developers have liberty to incorporate the features, they must strategize in accordance with browser support for these features. Developers can utilize numerous HTML5 mobile frameworks in building interface, data storage and management and test applications on widely used browsers and devices.

Way Forward for Developers

Businesses need to formulate a strategy with focus on advantages as well as limitation of relying on Mobile HTML5 applications. Though HTML5 applications are easily accessible from any device, they have to compete against android and iOS applications. Native applications offer support for touch functionality and GPS based services. However, at the end of the day, companies can deploy Mobile HTML5 applications on multiple platforms simultaneously and reach the user base expeditiously. In today’s competitive business environment, HTML5 enables companies to offer services economically.

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