Model-Driven Innovation from MapleSim Delivers Design Insights with Simulation Results
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Model-Driven Innovation from MapleSim Delivers Design Insights with Simulation Results

By CIOReview | Saturday, November 21, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Maplesoft in its latest innovation model announced the major release of MapleSim, an advanced system-level modeling and simulation platform. Along with that, the firm will also be offering key upgrades to many of its portfolio component libraries and connectivity tools.

MapleSim follows a contemporary path in designing the physical structure and in the high-fidelity simulation process, while significantly lowering the development and analysis time. The updated model extends support to the creation, simulation, and analysis of multi-domain, system level production stages. It features developed diagnostic tools, expanded component libraries, and other various advancements suggested by customers.

The enhanced tool is fabricated to scrutinize the pain points in their models and simulations, and also boost its effectiveness and robustness. In addition, the recent move also promises inclusion of 50 new components in the magnetic, thermal, electrical, and signal block libraries, and a new integration manager that eases tracking of connections and port variables.

There were also breakthroughs made in other products of MapleSim family of modeling and simulation set. That includes component libraries for batteries, drivelines, and tires with high-performance. Integrating with toolchain connectivity, MapleSim merges connection to Simulink, and the MapleSim Connector for FMI, allowing engineers to share multidomain models created in MapleSim. It is devised to highlight in-detail run-time error reporting to assist in trouble-shooting on the target platform.