Multi-Level Process Mining Framework, a new strategy to optimize Enterprise Business Processes Management
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Multi-Level Process Mining Framework, a new strategy to optimize Enterprise Business Processes Management

By CIOReview | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Multi-level Process mining marks a new start of business process optimization.

FREMONT, CA: myInvenio, an Operational Intelligence and Digital Transformation solution provider, specialized in business process improvement, introduces the world's first Multi-Level Process Mining capability that allows users to analyze and navigate business processes.

There are always a few fundamental challenges associated with business process management, which the Process Mining solution can address. Organizations have a general idea of how their business process should work and have developed reference models to prescribe and monitor processes' behavior. Business Process Management (BPM) solutions can help better understand the purpose of these processes with a top-down approach. myInvenio's Process Mining platform solves issues by applying a data-driven holistic and bottom-up approach to process discovery.

"With myInvenio, we are assisting firms in streamlining their end to end processes' operations consisting of both automated and manual tasks and drastically changing the approach toward the analysis, monitoring, and improvement of business operations," says Massimiliano Delsante, CEO of myInvenio.

The objective of multi-level process mining is to effectively manage change by supporting customers during all phases from process discovery and definition to advance business analytics, expertise for which myInvenio is recognized. The solution enables to reduce the time to market, achieve a fast performance improvement, and gain competitive advantage.

Owing to many collaborations and its ability to deal with clients' challenges efficiently, myInvenio is identified as a representative vendor in process mining. Winning a recognition as one of the 20 Most Promising BPM Solution Providers by CIO Review, the company continuously monitors business processes, performances, and compliance. It identifies bottlenecks, critical activities, and resources, as well as suggests the improvements and transformations needed to anticipate the trends of the market.