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New CloudRouter 3.0 Comes with Better Performance, Advanced Routing Interconnection and Secured Networks

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 31, 2016

SANTA CLARA, CA: CloudRouter, a Linux based open source routing and software defined networking project 3.0 is now commercially available to general public. CloudRouter 3.0 comes with new versions of ONOS Drake 1.4, CentOS 7.2, and Fedora 23. It includes four new open source projects iSDX, an SDN exchange point, two new network traffic generator and analyzers, Ostinato and pktgen-dpdk, a network monitoring utility.

CloudRouter consists of better quality Linux DPDK kernel enhancements, with throughput in excess of 650 Gig/sec on commodity hardware.  Network architects are supported with staged deployments of SDN through the latest upgrades. 

The latest method of building network has disrupted the traditional way in much more open way of disaggregation, abstraction and easy composition of network resources. This transformation of building networks was controlled by hyper scale cloud and web services providers and is being widely accepted to drive web scale IT.  CloudRouter revises the decoupling of software from hardware to routers; which first happened on switches.

“Mellanox is a supporter and driver of this transformation, and we build hardware for the new open composable networks that enable this transformation to happen without performance or infrastructure efficiency compromises," asserts Chloe Jian Ma, Senior Director of Cloud Marketing at Mellanox.

CloudRouter 3.0 highlighting features include 100 GigE Performance: new DPDK 2.2.0 kernel enhancements tested at 650 Gig/sec, OS: upgraded to CentOS 7.2 or Fedora 23. SDN OS: ONOS 1.4 (Drake) in addition to OpenDaylight Lithium, SDN Exchange Point: iSDX for advanced routing interconnection. Security and Performance Testing: pktgen-dpdk, Ostinato, pmacct: network monitoring utility.

"Today's announcement gives network administrators the choice of continuing to use CloudRouter as a software-based router or advancing into deployments of software-based controllers with whitebox hardware," qoutes Jay Turner, CloudRouter Project Lead and Senior Director of DevOps at IIX.

The 3.0 opensource platform can be rapidly implemented from a virtual image, container, live CD or from the AWS marketplace. The CloudRouter team incorporated new open source technology from the Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) project to accelerate network performance and extend support for 100 GbE cards.